Sold Full 5000w Sound System inc. 24 Channel Mixer - London


This sound system was installed in my up market London venue for just 6 months. It was professionally installed and set up by HD Pro Audio at a cost of £13, 133.86. Receipt attached.

During that time it provided fault free, rich and rewarding sound. (so much so the locals complained) Hence the reason for the sale.

The package will give you a PA for a medium sized venue (240 sq M - 500 people) Ideal for any type of band from rock, folk or spoken word.

Click for the original bill from HD Pro Audio

24 channel Mixing desk by Allen and Heath GL2400-24
24-channel Mix Console with Six Aux Sends, 7 x 4 Matrix, and Extended Headroom Preamp
Ideal FOH and Monitor Mixer for the Club or the Tour!
L/R and M main outputs
Four audio groups with pan control
Six auxiliary sends with per-channel pre/post fader switching
Two stereo channels each with mic and dual stereo line inputs
7x4 matrix
Individual phantom power and polarity switching
Dedicated Channel, Master and stereo Monitor meters
Internal jumper plugs for pre/post-EQ aux, direct out and other options
Mutes, meters and AFL on all fader masters
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Turbosound DP-50 4 ch Amplifer rack and controller

Rack-DP50 digital power amp
4x 1250w @ 2 ohms or 2x 2500w @ 4 ohms
Class D power amp
Onboard DSL
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Turbo Sound Loudspeakers
2x TCS122/64 Arrayable 2500 Watt 2 Way 12" Loudspeaker with Dendritic Waveguide
1x TCS-B218 Dual 18" Front Loaded Subwoofer
More information on the TCS122/64
More information on the TCS-B218

3x DBX 1231
The dbx® 12 Series were designed to meet the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments, while offering the simplicity of straightforward controls. The 1231 provides standard features like dual-channels, 31 1/3 octave bands, ISO frequency centers, +/- 12 dB input gain range,
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2x DBX 166-XL
The superb engineering in the 166XL ensures that both its compression and gating provide versatility and excellent sonic performance in situations where other compressor/gates typically produce undesirable processing artifacts.
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2x Lexicon MX200
MX200 Dual Reverb/Effects Processor. Designed with both live sound reinforcement and home recording in mind, MX200 features the deep, rich reverb and effects algorithms that built the Lexicon legend, and adds increased versatility with specialty effects and dbx® dynamics.
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Mikes and stands
3x K&M 210/2BLK - mic stand with boom arm
3x K&M 210/99BLK - Mic stand with 2 piece boom arm
3x K&M 259599BLK - Low level telescopic boom stand
4x BSS AR-133ch - DI Box
4x Shure Beta 58a Supercardioid vocal mics
3x Sure SM57-LC - Instrument Microphone
10x Kelsey Mic leads
Kelsey 20m 8 way XLR loom
10x 5m Kelsey mic leads
16x Various cables
6U Metal Rack
3x Behringer MX882

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