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Sell your sound and lighting equipment
2no. 63/3 socket's with 300ma RCD
1no. 32/3 socket with 300ma RCD
2no. 32a with RCBO
2no. 16a with RCBO

£600 +VAT

Power distribution system.
Provides easy method of connecting to a Generator or fixed power sauce then distributing it around the stage or event.
Comes on a fork lift-able trolley on wheels with waterproof covers.
Has Hubbel connectors easily converted to Ceeform.

£750 £400 VAT Free

Lots available at time of listing - only used a few times
5 Channel - fine for upto 63/3 Cables
Can get 50 on a pallet for shipping
10% discount for 100 or more
DDA Also available (compatible) - £99ea
Plus VAT

£45 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2000
10m long
125amp (red Cee Form 3 phase)
36mm HO7 rubber cable

£400 £300 VAT Free

125amp 3 phase

5 x 32amp, 3 phase sockets.

£636 £509 +VAT

125amp 3 phase

3 x 16amp, single phase sockets.
3 x 32amp, single phase sockets.
3 x 32amp, 3 phase sockets.

£692 £554 +VAT

63amp 3 phase

3 x 63amp, single phase sockets.

£304 £243 +VAT

125amp 3 phase

8 x 16amp, single phase sockets.
2 x 32amp, 3 phase sockets (30ma).
1 x 63amp, 3 phase socket.

£795 £636 +VAT

Well used mains distro
32A Inlet
32A Through
3 x 16A Sockets
MCB Protection
Silver Rack Flight Case

£60 £50 +VAT

Ideal for fairy light power supplies etc
300mm x 225mm x 120mm
CPC Part Number PL16612

£48 £36 +VAT

| Quantity: 6
All used cables, 16a orange.

£225 £150 +VAT ono

| Quantity: 10
Ex Rental, 4 Mtr 63A Single Phase Cable
Cee Norm Connectors
3G10 HO7 Lineax Cable

£25 +VAT

Power lock input
4 x 63amp single phase output

£100 VAT Free ono

Dimmer unit for lighting
input 63 amp single phase
output 8 x 32amp
dmx controllable

£90 VAT Free

input 63amp single phase
output 3 x 32amp single phase

£100 VAT Free ono

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