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4 large Trifibre flight cases in excellent condition.
£225 inc. VAT per flight case (£900 inc. VAT total, for all 4).

£300 £225 inc. VAT ono each

| Quantity: 4
Bespoke build for some of our furniture, but would be suitable for furniture or any other items
Boxes are 64cm square externally (approx. 60cm internally) and height is 78cm

£25 +VAT each

| Quantity: 11
2 cases available

£40 £30 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Perfect for lights, cables etc. Custom made for acrylic panelling and foam could be removed.

£250 £180 +VAT ono

Good condition
Fits 2 x 50'' Plasma screens

£75 VAT Free

Large flight cases that currently have cutouts for TV's but can be reconfigured.
Size approx. L1150xD400xH885mm

£50 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
We have a job lot of flight cases for sale as either a job lot, or individually. Job lot price is £894 inc VAT. Please contact us if you would like to purchase individual items.

£894 inc. VAT

£120 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 4
High Quality Flight/Storage Case
· Pre-used, light use only, very good condition
· Foot break to wheels
· Interior can be removed
135L x 40w x 85h (cm)

£120 +VAT

mdf base, sides made from 3mm thick corex, edged in rivetted aluminium and reinforced with batons inside


| Quantity: 6
A large ABS 12U 19'' equipment rack case with a 10U tilt-up mixer top rack. Ruggedly built with aluminium sealing strip on front back and top lids with chrome catches. Strong integral handles and 4 castors make for easier moveability.
Tilt-top 10U mixer rack

£124 £99 +VAT

£100 +VAT

| Quantity: 6

£180 £125 inc. VAT ono

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