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Sold 16 inch Mirrorball and Mirrorball Motor


Mirrorball motor for 16 inch & 20 inch mirrorball wired to 13A plug
  • Motor to rotate a mirrorball either 16 or 20 inch diameter
  • Motor is wired to a 16A plug, please request a 13A plug if prefered
  • Max 10 kg load
  • Like new in very good conditions and used only twice and is now being sold as it is surplus to requirements
  • Cost £43.00 new

16 inch Mirrorball
  • Like new in very good condition and used only twice
  • Is now being sold as it is surplus to requirements

It is described on the Essential Supplies website as:

“Classic Ballroom Effect Lighting.
Rotating ball covered with tiny mirrors, each of which reflects beams of light. They are normally lit by pin spots. A slowly rotating motor turns the ball.
The 16 inch is the most popular size, as it looks proportionally correct even in very large marquees.
To light a whole marquee we would suggest 3 or 4 pin spots.”

New the mirrorball costs in excess of £57

Price £50 for both the motor and the mirror ball

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This item is now sold

Price: Sold