Sold Sony MB-X6/URX-M2/UTX-H2 Handheld CH38 Wireless Microphone System - Lincoln


Broadcast quality wireless microphone package consisting of two Sony UTX-H2 handheld transmitters, one Sony MB-X6 tuner chassis and two Sony URX-M2 tuner modules. The chassis will take up to six tuner modules, therefore this system has the potential for a very high density six channels in one rack unit of space. There are also beltpack transmitters and receivers available in the same product range that will work with this system. Everything is on channel 38, so legal to use in the UK with a PMSE license from Ofcom at £85 per year. Channel width is minimal therefore you can potentially operate a lot of microphones simultaneously with this system using only channel 38.

The transmitters take two AA batteries rather than a 9V PP3 so are cheap to run, and both the transmitters and receivers have LCD displays which makes them very easy to tune. All in excellent condition, barely any rack rash on the tuner chassis and only a copy of minor paint chips to the transmitters - they look nearly new. The receiver has six XLR outs, one per tuner, and also a combined 'mix' output of all six channels simultaeously - I've never used that feature, but I guess it would be handy if you're limited on mixer inputs. There's also an attentuation switch on the rear of the tuner chassis to prevent over-modulation if you're using the transmitters in very close proximity to the receivers.

Was in use until very recently by me at a local volunteer venue which has since closed down, so sadly it needs to go rather than sitting around in my spare room and gathering dust. The chassis still retails for £850, the transmitters £250 a peice and the tuner modules nearly £400 each. It would cost close to £1750 to buy this system new, second hand I am asking for a very reasonable £450.

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