Sold Audac R2 8x8 Multi-zone Digital Audio Matrix Amplifier with Ethernet - Lincoln, Lincolnshire


Used but in good clean condition. Still a current Audac product and retails at £1799 for the chassis alone. This one also has the optional R2POW 16 channel amplifier kit and R2DIS touchscreen display module fitted, worth £899 and £659 respectively. Offered for a bargain price as I bought a pair of these units second hand but due to a change of plan I only used one, hence this one has been sat around gathering dust. All inputs and outputs tested and working and it has been left powered on for a few days to soak test, but no guarantees beyond that. You are of course welcome to conduct any test and inspection before purchasing.

Features as below:
- 8x8 stereo matrix
- Integrated 16 channel amplifier, 60W RMS/ch @ 4 Ohms (8 stereo channels)
- DSP processor with programmable filters and interenal test signal generator
- Web based interface
- User programmable events (e.g. route input 1 to output 5 and set volume to 50% at 5:00AM)
- Remote zone control panels via RJ45 UTP cabling (e.g. Audac DW5066 or DW3020)
- Priority contact inputs
- Supports Audac remote paging microphones
- RS-232 control port
- iOS remote control app

If you're familiar with the Cloud Elecronics DCM1e, this is a similar beast but with more features, a built-in amplifier and a true 8x8 stereo bus. You can also cascade multiple units across large distances using the OPT2 fibre optic kit which is also fitted to this unit, but unfortunately the connectors have been damaged and would need to be replaced. Cost of replacement parts is about £50 from RS Components but it's unlikely you'd need to bother unless you have another identical R2 unit kicking around.

Delivery notes

Collection from Lincoln, Lincolnshire preferred but may be able to deliver in person depending on distance and for a cost. Sorry, no postage.

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