Sold Soundcraft GB4-40 Mixer - Birkenhead, Wirral


We are selling this desk as it was bought for an installation that was cancelled, its box is in a scruffy condition but the internal packaging and condition are mint. These desks still sell for £2500 plus VAT

Soundcraft GB4-40 Mixing Desk

The desks carry the high quality hallmark with which Soundcraft is synonymous, with engineering and design as you'd expect from this high-end manufacturer.

Careful attention has been given to the mechanical construction, to ensure reliability under strenuous conditions, with all input modules being constructed with individual vertically-mounted pcbs, fitted to the steel chassis front panel with individually-nutted potentiometers.

Analogue/Digital: Analogue
Frame Sizes: 40
Stereo Channels: 2
Digital I/O: No
FX Processors: 0
Fixed Send (Group) Buses: 4
EQ Bands: 4
Variable Send (Aux) Buses: 8
Returns: 3
Direct Outputs: Yes
Matrix Buses: 4
Main Bus Out: LRC
Dimensions: 159mm (6.26") 1523mm (59.96") 656mm (25.83")
Weights: 37.0kg (81.6lbs)

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