Stretch Lycra / Spandex Projection Sails - East Sussex


Stretch lycra/spandex projection sails

We have a number of these mostly used for just one event.

1. 7 number white, 3-point sails each 4m x 4m x 2m unstretched -image one & two
(bought for around £1500)
Package price £500

2. 6 number light blue, 3-point sails each 4m x 1m unstretched. Great for picking up colours
(bought for £800)
Package price £300

3. 3 number large projection squares in grey. 4-point 5m x 3m unstretched -image 3
(bought for £900)
Package price £360

4. 6 number mixed colour and size squares. -image 4.
1x silver 4m x 2m,
1 light grey 2m x 1.5m
1x gold 2m x 1m (w/ a couple of tiny spot marks)
2x royal blue 2m x 1.2m
1x aqua blue 1.5x1.5m.
(bought for around £650)
Package price £200

Take the whole lot for £1000 No vat

Delivery notes

Located East Sussex

Contact notes

Steve 07785 725029

Price: £1250 £1000 VAT Free
Ref#: 2E460707FDE5

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