Sold 6 Full Colour Backdrop Starcloths RGB Star Cloth White Drapes - Shropshire


These unique 3 x 7.5m White Trivera star cloths are fitted with Ultra-Bright, wide angle, long life RGB LED's; this enables FULL colour manipulation across all spectrum's, including white

Lining the top of each cloth is a sewn in Baytex Keder rail strip for ease of installation, subtle external Velcro strips allow the application of voiles and other sheer materials

UK manufactured, repair and maintenance aftercare available

Inclusive is a UniLED controller set with 9 programs which gives you pastel washes, snap twinkles in Red/ Green/ Blue, turquoise and gold washes, static gives pure white

DMX power supplies and Brand new DMX controller available on request if more control is desired


8 light sources per m2

Ties on all sides, Velcro strips on all sides allow any positioning as well as extension. Extra UniLEDs and extension cabling available made to order

Massive reduction from £1600 each to £810 each, to make room for new products

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