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Sold ZoneArray Sound System - For Venue Noise Reduction - Hampshire


This sound system give a satisfying sound which will not annoy the neighbours.

Any event in a marquee (or other venue) with loud music is going to have problems with noise especially base. These incredible speaker panels provide a impressive effect on the dance floor. However even within the same marquee (or venue) other guests can hold a conversation with no more than background music.

Further afield your neighbours won't be affected by pounding base.

The speakers can be mounted behind the lining so are not visible.

The system is 7 years old and has only been used no more than 14 times a year. It can be viewed in situ until the end of September.

From Direct Acoustic Solutions

Highly Directional
The Zone Array controls its acoustic footprint like no other speaker system. Music can be played at extremely high volume levels whilst only metres away sound drops off at a remarkable rate.

Focused Sound
Each of our systems are commissioned to maximise sound levels where you need them – whilst making sure that your venue can operate in its local environment without causing noise complaints.

Versatile & Adaptable
The Zone Array is able to take an input from any source – using this and a host of other technical solutions we can set you up to cater for any visiting act.

You’re Not Going To Believe It Until You Hear It!
The best way to understand the system is to experience it yourself.

The last couple of photos and the above text is from the Direct Acoustics Solutions website see link below.


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