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FFA 6004 DSP G2 Amp + 19” Rackmount Suspended Case - Harrow, London


4 x 1500 Watts @ 4 Ohms
Compressor limiter on each input
6 band parametric EQ per input, 8 band parametric per output, low/high shelving, bell, notch filters, phase, band pass
2 band dynamic EQ input and output
Audio input and compressor/limiter
Loudspeaker signal limiting
Cross over filter types 6,12,18,24,48 dB per octave But, Bes, LR
Delay - up to 2 seconds, (feet, inch, mm, meters, millisecond).
4 audio inputs, 6 audio outputs.
AES/EBU digital input selectable by a switch on the rear panel
Ethernet network
DSP defeat switch so that the amplifier easily reverts back to a 4 input analogue amplifier.
Front panel level trim using analogue potentiometer, front panel LED signal potentiometers.

Condition: Very Good & Hardly Been Used


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Delivery notes

Pickup only: Harrow, London

Contact notes

All Enquiries Call: 07961420024

Price: £2800 £1650 +VAT
Ref#: 6FC5BB37652D

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