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4x Martin MC1 Switch Packs Job Lot - Northampton, Northamptonshire


Martin Switch packs.
Some circuits may not work but should be easily fixable.
This switching device allows you to turn on and off up to six devices.
The MC Switch is ruggedly built for years of use.

Each of the six power outputs can be activated or deactivated using the buttons on the Control Box. When power is on for an output the associated LED will light up.

AC power output . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 channels, max. 300 watts per channel

The MC switch lets you power up and down 6 fixtures such as lights or mirror balls, with the option of daisy chaining up to 24 units through four power boxes.

The MC switch control box connects to a power box which has six IEC channels out via RJ 45 cable - allowing a maximum of 300W output for each. .

The MC switch controls lights such as the Mania, egos, T-Rex, Raptor and fixtures like mirror balls. The control is a mains power on/off digital switch which is controlled via a remote control with on/off buttons. Upon linking 1 controller and switch together, the maximum distance is 20 Mtr / 66 Ft Linking multiple switches to the controller, the maximum distance is 10 Mtr./33 Ft.

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Delivery notes

Collect from:
Unit 3 Summerhouse Place
Moulton Park

Can be delivered for additional £15 +VAT

Contact notes

Chris Hobbins
01604 638100

Price: £100 £50 +VAT
Quantity: 4 — Price is for all units.
Ref#: 5AC4CB0E401B

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