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Sold Stage Cover System - County Durham


This is a stage cover which we purchased earlier this year for our summer festival but have since sourced a bigger automatic version.
It started life as a polytunnel for a swimming pool (I'm led to believe) spanning 30ft x 75ft approximately.
The frame all comes apart, as you can see in pics comes with custom heavy duty PVC covers the same sort of material used for professional marquees specifically for it to be used as a marquee or stage cover.

You can have it 75ft long roughly all in white with 2 x gable ends as a marquee (some sides have doors in and ends/gables have doors). The width in-between the pole sections are 5ft and the PVC material sections are 10ft (spanning 3 of the pole arches). The way they attach to the PVC sections; you need to put the frame together, ratchet strap it all tight then pull each 10ft section over starting at one end and working your way along. Each section has a steel cable running through the seam down the length of each edge which then gets tightened and grips the poles and then the next bit grips the previous section etc etc.

The second use is as a stage cover, it's possible with the poles to heighten 25-30ft of the structure (skirt also included). Some of the poles have been modified to make a peak at the front which looked great and made it look like proper outdoor stage.

As you can see from the photos it was used a stage cover, plus a backstage area to the rear which was great and worked a treat, it was tied down with ground screws and ratchet straps purchased from ebay (not included), once figured out how it all went together it worked well with a few tweaks here and there and by keep checking everything is still in tension. It was quite windy on the farm but it held together nicely for the duration of the 3 day festival and looked great.
We cannot guarantee it will do the 75ft of marquee as we haven't had it setup.

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