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Gemini 15 way 64 channel headset lavalier beltpack UHF wireless microphone radio mic system UF-1064 UF-1264

Complete 15 way radio microphone system comprising the following:

- 8U rack case
- 14x UF-1264 diversity receiver (one requires attention)
- 2x UF-1064 non-diversity receiver
- 14x FB-64 beltpack transmitter
- 2x FM-64 handheld microphone transmitter (one requires attention)
- 12x mini XLR headset microphone
- 2x mini XLR lavalier microphone (tie clips not included)
- Power supply and power distribution

Each transmitter/receiver pair can be tuned to one of 64 channels within the 854.25-865Mhz region, part of which includes the channel 70 license free spectrum. I think it should be possible to tune this system to 7 or 8 non-overlapping channels within channel 70. The beltpacks have adjustable gain and can be switched between mic and line level to allow them to be used with instruments, just add a suitable cable. Connectors are standard mini-XLR so easy to find adapters for.

Currently I have tuned everything to the same channel to simplify testing the system. I have listed the system as 15 way as although there are 16 transmitter/receiver pairs, one of the receivers is missing both antennas, and one of the handheld transmitters outputs RF but does not output any audio. Another of the diversity receivers is also missing a single antenna, but this makes no difference as it works just fine with one. Otherwise the system is tested and in good working order. All transmitters are supplied with brand new batteries with the exception of the faulty handheld. Just add an IEC cable and some XLR cables and you're good to go.

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