Sold 16 amp 1.5 mm Black Cable - Nottingham


16 amp 1.5 mm black cable
All with essential supplies speed fit plugs and sockets
Great condition well kept and maintained properly.

2 x 25 metre
9 x 20 metre
6 x 15 metre
14 x 10 metre
22 x 5 metre
5 x 2 metre
3 x 1 metre

Will consider selling individually.

I’m selling this equipment as I have decided to emigrate. This kit has been used to supply the wedding events business. It's been beautifully maintained and needs a good home. There is a wide range of different kit from furniture to heaters, rigging, lighting and power distribution. I am happy to sell individually but would be interested in a job lot sale as well.

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Located Nottingham

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