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Sold 38x Astralite Truss - London


A real mixed bag here...I've got all this truss getting in my way.... it's 99% Prolyte Astralite, with a couple of random pieces of Milos/Slick. Some of the sizes are a bit odd, but are mostly in pairs or fours - truss measurements [not including spigot protrusions] are:
4 x Straight 4230mm
4 x Straight 2530mm
3 x Straight 2320mm
2 x Straight 2860mm
2 x Straight 1000mm
4 x Straight 800mm
2 x Straight 700mm
5 x Straight 400mm
2 x Straight 200mm
1 x Straight 1760mm
1 x Straight 760mm
1 x Straight 300mm
2 x 90Deg corner - 3 way Apex Up
1 x T-Junction - apex Up/Down
4 x 90Deg corners, modified to become apex Up
See...told ya it was a mixed bag! Most of the pieces have spigots.

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Collection from TW14 - near Heathrow Airport.

Local delivery may be possible - get in contact to discuss.

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