Sold 10 Showtec Eventspot 1900 Mk 1 Battery/ Wireless Up-Lighters - Lancashire


We have 5 flight cases of 4 Showtec Eventspot 1900 Mk1 Battery/ Wireless LED Up-Lighters which are just over 2 years old.

These are the same unit as the Chauvet Well up-lighter made in the same factory with all the same features. At the time of purchase the cases for these were not available so we had our own cases made and decided to have 4 per case instead of six for less bulk and weight per case. The original aerial design caused them to get broken off regular so we purchased a modification from Showtec which works just as good without any breaking problems. Each case has Powercon in/out connectors for daisy chain charging.

These lights and cases are in first class condition and full working order as we only use them with our own crew who take care of them as with all our equipment, they are for sale now as our policy is to keep our equipment 2 years and then replace so we are about to receive new up-lighters shortly.

We would prefer to sell these as a job lot but may be willing to split into smaller lots if enough buyers were interested.

Showtec product description

The Eventspot 1900 is a rugged and universal fixture which is very suitable for temporary entertainment and architectural applications. Its power battery and efficient design allow for over 12 hours of constant use on RGB operation. With a wireless DMX receiver built in, this fixture gives you freedom to set up your event fast and easy without the need of any cable. The built in adjustable foots allows you to put the spot in any angle without the need of an extra accessories.


Output: Lumens: 800+ 

Lux (@2m): 1900+ 

Max Projectiondistance: 20m 

Lightsource: LED Quantity: 12 pieces 3-in-1 RGB LED 

Input voltage: 100-240V AC (For optional charger) 

Powerconsumption: 45W (at full output) 

Battery: Sealed Battery, 24 Ah. 

Run time battery: 12 hours at full RGB on 

Charging time battery: 12 hours 

Control: DMX. Both by wireless or XLR connector (3, 4, 5, 10 channel mode) 

Dimmer: 0-100% 

Strobe: 0-20Hz 

Beam angle: 16 degrees 

Housing: Stainless Steel 

IP Rating: IP-44 

Operation temperature: -20 to +50 degrees 

Dimensions: 198,5 x 198,5 x 341,9 

Weight: 16,5 kg 

Cooling: Convection (no fans) 

Price for 10 Up-lighters in 3 charging flight cases £2,000 + VAT Or 1 case of 4 lights for £950 + vat

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Collect in person or carriage costs on request

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