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Wireless radio transmission of audio mixer output to powered PA speakers. No more speaker cables.

The Carlsbro Liberty WP100T wireless unit transmits the left and right output of an audio mixer to a pair of WP100R receivers connected to the inputs of a pair of powered active PA speakers.

The radio transmission is full range uncompressed at 2.4 GHz. This is a much higher radio frequency than used in most microphone wireless radio systems and is licence free. The very high frequency radio transmission ensures full audio signal bandwidth, superb clarity and no drop-out or interference.

Wireless radio connection to powered PA speakers is now possible.

Carlsbro Liberty WP100 wireless audio system
1 x Carlsbro WP100T wireless transmitter (stereo left / right)
2 x Carlsbro WP100R wireless receiver unit (one for each pa speaker)
multiple WP100R receivers can be used with one WP100T transmitter
2.4GHz (license free), full range uncompressed audio wireless system
Dual diversity, twin antenna system
50 user selectable channels
WP100R receivers scan and lock onto the WT100T transmitter frequency
Output level control on transmitter
Mute button on all units
Large, backlit LCD display showing selected channel and signal strength
Balanced XLR/jack input and output connections
DC power supplies included
Rugged steel casing
Easy to use, intuitive user interface
WP100 wireless system must be used with powered pa speakers, or with a pa power amplifier connected to non-powered speakers

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