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Panasonic VX600 XGA Projector - Bristol


The Panasonic PT-VX600 is a bright LCD projector which is suitable to present to a large audience in a large venue. The bright 5500 lumens will mean that you will be able to project with the lights on to a large sized audience in a well lit room. The native resolution is XGA which has a 4:3 aspect ratio.

This is suitable for PowerPoint, data, images and short video clips. If you are showing longer videos I would recommend going for WXGA which is widescreen (16:9). The reason being is that most videos are widescreen so you will match the aspect ratio and you won’t have to worry about stretching pixels to fill the screen. However, XGA will still give you a clear and sharp image.

It has a wide range of inputs including two HDMI ports which means that you are future proofing yourself to be able to connect to newer devices that often use the HDMI connection and show your content in high definition. You will be able to connect to most devices by using HDMI and also connect to two of these at the same time. It also has two VGA inputs so you can connect to two laptops at the same time. It also has RJ45 for network connection.

The PT-VX600 has a built in 10w speaker eliminating the need for speakers and making presentations even more effective; this is suitable for a medium size audience. It is a quiet projector at 29dB so it does not disturb your presentation. The LCD technology will give you realistic and true to life colours. Another feature is the vertical keystone correction which helps if you are installing the projector because if your projector is slightly off centre then you can still project in the middle of the screen. The wide throw ratio also helps where you can place the projector. Give us a call if you are thinking of installation.

A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, and the Daylight View Basic function adjusts the halftone colour and brightness level according to the surrounding illumination. There is a direct power off after using the projector so there is no need to wait around for the projector to cool down. Overall, this is a powerful projector with many features. Please check out the PDF to the left for more information.

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Delivery notes

Can deliver for cost or collect from Bristol.

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chamcp@aol.com (private email)
0777 5583914

Price: £250 +VAT
Ref#: 63A7EE33E8A2

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