Sold 10x XD - V55 - Performance Quality Radio Headsets - Staffordshire


For vocalists, performers and active spoken word presenters this system would be ideal for the professional Productions.

Unlike cheaper units this equipment sets a new standard for ease of use as well as superior audio quality. The 24 bit performance has a full dynamic range and crystal clear clarity, as if you are using a wired microphone.

Ideal for Theatres, Conference venues, touring bands and any one else wanting professional wireless audio.

10x Line 6 XD55 HS - Rackmouted, wired & 2 paddles. with headsets.

This system is already rack mounted into a flight case, fully operational, excellent condition.
included in this sale:
10 line 6 XD55 HS headset systems
2 paddles
Multi core
Flight case and rack mounting

Full-frequency, Uncompressed, 24-bit Audio
Every performer knows that when you sound your best, you perform with confidence. The unique versatility and reliability of XD-V55 systems ensure a great performance every time you hit the stage.

Featuring 24-bit precision for a full frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz and a wide dynamic range of up to >117dB (A weighted), XD-V55 digital wireless signals are so clear and strong that they sound and perform as if you’re using a wired microphone.

Unlike analog wireless systems, XD-V55 digital wireless systems never use signal companding to compress and expand the signal, so you always have full dynamic range. XD-V wireless systems allow you to convey every nuance of your performance to the audience in the most natural way, with crystal clarity. In addition to preventing unintentional handling noise, the adjustable dynamic filter reduces unwanted ambient noise, while preserving your natural vocal articulation.

Complete Features
300-foot extended range
12 channels – use up to 12 systems simultaneously
Line 6 microphone modeling (handheld systems) or EQ filter modeling
Patented, 4th-generation digital wireless technology

Receiver Features

Three 5-segment LEDs for monitoring RF strength, battery status, and audio levels at all times
Robust aluminum chassis
Dynamic Filter to combat unwanted environment noise
2 BNC antenna inputs for antenna connection

Handheld Transmitter Features

Premium dynamic microphone capsule with cardioid polar pattern
Robust metal body resistant to handling noise
LCD display for selecting channels, battery status, microphone model and more
Interchangeable microphone capsules – compatible with other industry-standard mic capsules
Lock mode to prevent changes during performance
Power and Mute for control over output

Headset Features (HS)

Premium omni-directional condenser microphone
Secure fit, adjustable for head size
Available in a black or tan finish for standard or theatrical applications

Bodypack Features

Robust metal body
Standard TA4 mini-XLR input for integrating third-party microphones
LCD display for selecting channels, battery status, EQ filter and more
Lock mode to prevent changes during performance

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