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Lincat Stainless steel commercial cooker hood. Working, but could do with a service.

£40 +VAT

3 sets of wooden table and 4 chairs
Priced per set

£40 plus VAT per set each

| Quantity: 3
Modular ramp or staging system for sale with hand rails
Aluminium ramp, ideal for raised floors. Has a chequer plate finish.

£2500 +VAT

Job Lot of 13no 12m x 3m Bar Tensioned Roofs – bar tension to pull the roofs tighter for a tighter than usual finish compared to usual bungee system.

£500 +VAT

x0.5 12m White PVC Gable End (Eyelet 1/2)

£30 +VAT ono

Rough measurements of 11 no ex-Army Stillages

Measurements in cm

130cm wide x 110 deep
75cm tall from bottom of the skid to top of stillage
63cm from the bottom of stillage to top

£35 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 11
4m Span Tech Pagoda Frame on 2.5m leg with 2 walls (no roof)

£340 +VAT

Large Black Flight Case
Length 258.4cm Depth 108.4cm Height (without wheels) 66.9cm (with wheels) 81cm
Used condition

£150 +VAT

x24 - 15m x 3m White PVC Roof - £120 + VAT each
x6 - 12m x 3m White PVC Roof - £100 + VAT each

From £100 +VAT ono

x2 4m Half Bay Wall White PVC - £25+ VAT each

£25 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2

£150 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2

£100 +VAT

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