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8 x 8ft x 4ft x 2ft tall with adjustable legs if required to raise the height even more

2 x Steps 3ft wide
2 x Steps 2ft wide

Very solid staging - all on wheels for easily transport

Photo's show exact staging

All 8 units included in Sale

A few of the tiles have lifted on a couple of the units but these can be replaced easily or the units could even be carpeted
Sico Staging And 4 x Steps
VAT:To be added
A full and complete trussing system, comprising of,
16 - 2m long Ladder Sections - £73 each when new
7 - 3m Long ladder Sections - £95 each when new
8 - 2 way sections with legs(corner sections) - £70 each when new
4 - 3 way sections (T shape) - £77 each when new
1 - 4 Way section (X Shape) - £100 when new
6 - Base Plates - £33 each when new

CONDITION: Good, but has small sections of tape stuck that need to be cleaned off.

As you can see this has many uses, shapes, sizes etc. and has primeraly being used for catwalks and staging PAR 16 lighting trussing.
Click for more information and contact information
Trussing Or Exhibition Stand
VAT:To be added
For sale due to closure of business
full panel backdrop kit.
8 - 8x4 light weight stage/backdrop flats £80 each
1 - projector surround £100
6 - panel props £25 each
6 - panel prop weights £15 each
12 - clamps £5.00 each
individualy priced £1,040 total price £800 
further discount available with further purchases inc staging lighting.

This full kit would be hired out at £200-300 depending on size. Takes 30 mins to setup and only needs 1 person.
Click for more information and contact details
back projection screen for sale
VAT:To be added
For sale due to closure of business. More items listed
5 - 8x4 Steeldecks (4 genuine Steeldeck and one other make) £140 each
2 - 4x4 Steeldecks £100 each
All of the above have been reboarded with floor grade 18mm ply, and have been sealed and painted with Multiple coats of flood grade black paint. 
They do have some small chips around the edge but are ready to use.
They have been used for beauty pagents and recently featured on channel 4, they have also boasted the presence of miss great Britian!!!

They come with 2 sets of legs in cases. 1ft and 2ft high legs. £100 for both sets
All locking bolts in full working condition

Individual price £1000. Bargain @ £850 for all. 
Also as a bonus you will get the following 2 - 4x4 Steeldecks triangles not been re boarded.
Steeldeck for sale
Units:2 — Price is for all units.
VAT:To be added
1 year old cdjs - With boxes

World’s first DJ player to be compatible with mobile devices, by USB or Wi-Fi
Pioneer’s rekordbox DJ software has already revolutionised set preparation with its indispensible features such as BPM analysis, beat grid, Hot Cues, Loops and Quantize. And now DJs are using it on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets to create playlists and store music.

The CDJ-2000nexus is compatible with both the included Pioneer rekordbox software, and the rekordbox app – which can be downloaded free from the App Store (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) or Google Play Market (Android devices). The player is Wi-Fi compatible, so – in addition to USB – DJs can connect wirelessly from their laptop, PC, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets when the player is hard wired to a wireless router.

Beat Sync for perfect beat matching every time
Hit the Sync button and the CDJ-2000nexus looks at the rekordbox beat grids of music, on up to four connected players, and snaps them to the beat of the master deck. This amazing feature promises to revolutionise performance, freeing DJs up to get truly creative with loops, cues and scratching, or the samples and effects on their mixer.
Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus for sale
VAT:To be added
18m x 9m 3-sided concert stage - canopy and frame only – excludes stage and AV Rig.

(Should you require staging too then please contact the office to discuss options: 01922 405 111)

Idea for use with concerts, outdoor events or as a semi permanent storage facility.

Dimensions… Height: 7m / Width: 18m Depth: 11.25m

Total weight approx. 3000kg

Inc.: Full structural engineering test & specification document with full wind calculations.

18m x 9m Concert Stage Canopy for sale
Units:2 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Fireflo FF29T-12 - Great condition on wheels.

Safe 'no fume' heating of large areas. Developed to give large heated air volume with up-rated air moving system.

Powerful alternative to Gas. Quiet running, rugged all steel design. Can be thermostatically controlled.

Electrical Supply : 400V 3PH 50Hz
Input Power : 18Kw Nominal
Running Power : 22 Amps Nominal
Weight : 35kgs
3 phase electric heater
Units:20 — Price is per unit
20 x 8' x 4' AliStage stage decks. It is only a few years old and has been used just a handful of times.It has only been used on indoor corporate events and therefore is in very good condition.

These come with 600mm legs which have the cross brace struts on them. These are the more expensive legs. Also included is the couplers.

Price £5000 Cash only and no VAT.
AliStage stage decks
Units:50 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Parquet Polished Dance Floor
3ft x 3ft sections – Quantity available
£6 per square foot

Also aluminium edge trim, chemically cleaned also available for this product.

All ex portable floor makers
Parquet Polished Dance Floor3ft x 3ft sections
VAT:To be added
This has been refurbished i.e. sanded & triple coated hard glazed varnished.

Be prepared for the Christmas bookings!
Price will be £6.00 per square foot other sizes available.
20ft by 20ft  Light Oak Parquet Polished Dance Floor
VAT:To be added
• 24 of SC 90 Decks including top roto locks
• 8 of 8 foot Cross Braces
• 13 of 4 foot Cross Braces
• 18 of 4 way Leg Clamps
• 18 of 2 way Leg Clamps
• 2 of height adjustable Stair Sets including adjustable Banisters
• 53 of 1 foot Legs with adjustable foot
• 96 of Legs adjustable between 2 and 3 feet together with adjustable feet

Stage decking
Price:£1500.00 ono
Units:20 — Price is for all units.
20 x Led Lighting 1w RGBW x 72 led's

I have a total of 20, with Flight case, 15 are working, 2 of which are showing half the bar. The other 5 are working but not corresponding with the correct colour with the DMX. I am not technical and may be easy to fix. These lights are very powerful, great for small to large events.

The setup is very simple, each light has both power/dmx all in one, so very neat and tidy, I have made custom extension cables that are used to daisy chain all the lights.

Priced for a quick sale.

Click here for more info and contact details......
Led Uplighting
4 Banks of seating which retract for storage.

2x 18 seats
Laid out in two rows, bottom row of 8 seats with a central aisle giving access to the rear row of 10 seats. The overall unit width is 5320mm . The central aisle is 1100mm wide. The front row of seats folds flat and can be pushed back under the structure so to reduce the space require to store.

Click for more information and contact details
Retractable Auditorium Seating
Price:£6500.00 ono
VAT:To be added
Lightweight metric decks with high loading capability
Stock of decks for sale complete with interconnecting joiners and leg saver corners.

Package of decks as follows:
30 of 2m x 1m
6 off 1m x 1m
4 off 2m x 0.5m
4 off 1m x 0.5m
88 deck connectors
30 off 2 way leg savers
17 off 4 way leg savers
8 off scaff leg wheels
A quantity of assorted pre-cut scaff legs

All in very good condition , ready for work, cost to buy new £12649
Buy Second Hand Topdeck aluminium framed stage decks
Price:£1500.00 ono
15ft x 15ft complete floor: Florlok by Portable Floormakers.
Compatible with Grumpy Joe's Parquet dance floor.
  • 23 full panels
  • 4 half panels
  • 16 full edges
  • 4 half edges
  • 4 corner edges
Dark brown parquet.
Good condition.
15ft x 15ft Florlok Parquet Dance Floor
For sale 12 x 12 black and white Grumpy Joes dance floor.

This is a super floor with not much usage does have some signs of wear and tear as been used a few times.

Comes complete with edging surround.

A super floor.

Viewing welcome.
black and white grumpy joes dance floor
VAT:To be added
18ft x 18ft black and white dance floor good condition

Price £2,000.00 plus vat
Black and white dance floor for sale
VAT:To be added
8m x 9m (26ft x30ft) Parquet dance floor Grumpy Joe manufactured

Good condition

£5,950.00 including 3 x carriers
Parquet Dance Floor Made By Grumpy Joe's
VAT:To be added
They come flight cased in boxes of 10 units with 2 power supplies and assorted 4 pin cables

Regularly used and maintained by us, all units are PAT tested and ready to use

Ideal for uplighting marquees or buildings, they can either be used in stand alone mode or are fully DMX controllable.

Very good little units

Price is £800 per box plus VAT
uplighting marquees or buildings
Wanted, good condition, ex hire

Preferably white
WANTED: Grumpy Joes Starlight LED Flooring
VAT:To be added
Roofs and Wall Linings with backing cloth

Heavy weight wool cloth with hip ends

Price £ 2,750.00 + VAT
starlight roof linings marquees
VAT:To be added
Roofs only with backing cloth

Price £950.00 + VAT
10m x 10m Starlight Roof Hip Ends
Units:8 — Price is per unit
8 x Battery Uplighters used for 1 season.
7 colour settings Red Blue & Green. These colours can be mixed to create another 4 colours.
Has several other modes flash, fading, motion
Chargers & Mains plug.
8 hrs battery life (recharge 5hrs)
Also have DMX capability.

£125 each or £800 for job lot
Battery Uplighters
VAT:To be added
15m wide, quad arched, stage.

This stage can be ground pinned on a grass site and can have a low steel decking stage inside (not included) or can be used as a venue itself. It has good rigging and decor potential. It can also be raised on a larger deck (not included in the sale price but can be supplied) for greater stage height or for use on a hard standing site. Rear stage scrim available.

The Stage comes with a recent set of structural design calculations. It has good production loading and wind loading values.

Detailed CAD drawings are also available for the structure.

The lighting trusses or purlins can take take up to 1 ton each and the front arch up to a 2.5 ton point loading.

Currently available for viewing.
Stage structure. 15m wide, quad arched, stage.
Units:2 — Price is for all units.
VAT:To be added
2x large flight cases for sale, ideal for Dj/Plasma screens etc.
  • Tells you if flight case has tilted over
  • Comes with internal foam for support
  • Takes two plasma screen’s
  • 4 pad-lockable butterfly catches with recessed handles
  • Wheels with brakes & has steel ball corners
  • Used few times, however in good condition.
  • 1370 x 40 x 860
To sell both together - £190 for both
Universal Commercial DJ/Plasma/LED/LCD Flight Case Trolley
VAT:To be added
Steeldeck stage blocks (decks) with 1' legs and tops

sizes and quantities below
  • 5 - 8' x 4'
  • 1 - 8' x 2'

Please note we have used a stock photo
steel deck for sale
VAT:To be added
These are 8ft x 4ft aluminium checker plate sheets with hinged flaps at either end to enable smooth connection between to heights.

They were used for driving cars in and out of a "car showroom" marquee where the ramps connected to a Hoecker structures cassette floor.

However they could be used as disabled or pedestrian ramps with a little adaption.

They could also be used to bridge between lorry and loading bay or stage to enable flight cases to be wheeled.

Can be attached to cassette flooring.

Open to offer. 6pcs available
Aluminium car ramps for sale
15ft x 15ft Parquet Dance floor including Grumpy Joe's supplied trolley.

Cost £1,785.00 + VAT New

3 Years old used twice
This item is now sold
Dance floor has now been sold. Thank you for the service
15ft x 15ft Parquet Dance floor
Price:£13000.00 ono
Units:77 — Price is for all units.
VAT:To be added
Job Lot 60no 2mx1m Baltic Staging decks [legs not included]

18 handrails

1no step

May sell separately
2mx1m Baltic Staging decks
Price:£0.00 ono
VAT:To be added
We're looking for 6m Black Starcloth Roofs (or 9m that can be adapted) and blackout gables.

These must be fibre optic and in excellent working condition.

Needed before mid-November 2014.
WANTED: 6m/9m Black Starcloth
Price:£38.00 ono
Units:60 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
Chrome uplighters made by essential supplies

60 in total all in good condition
Chrome uplighters
Price £30
This item is now sold
Pin spot (10m) chrome
VAT:To be added
This is my 14ft x 14ft LED Starlit Twinkling Portable Acrylic Dance Floor that I am now selling.

Selling due to having other commitments.

Its 18 months old and has some signs of use. With it being a dancefloor then this is expected.

It has all the edging for a 14ft floor, power board and power unit along with a new remote and control box. Ive never used it as always had the twinkling lights twinkling!

I have 23 pieces of 4ftx2ft tiles and 7 2ftx2ft tiles.

Still in a very useable condition and continues to get very good remarks.

Click here for more info and contact details......
14ft x 14ft LED Starlit Twinkling Portable Acrylic Dance Floor
Price:£1500.00 ono
Units:12 — Price is for all units.
Pro Spot 250 LX

6 ex-hire stock used fully functional Coemar Pro Spot 250 LX Moving lights.

This is a very impressive fixture and it is sure to WOW your audience.

Package includes: 2x Heads in each case, 3x Flightcase,

In good, ex-hire condition, but can't be described as excellent condition in anyway. Nothing broken or not working, but cosmetic wear and tear marks as you would expect. Lamp hours vary in each fixture.

Price - £300 ono a pair with flightcase - Job lot £1500 ono

Click here for more info and contact details......
Coemar 250 LX
4 ex-hire stock used fully functional Coemar Prospot 250 EVO Moving lights. This is a very impressive fixture and it is sure to WOW your audience.

Package includes: 4x Heads in each case, 4x original cases,

In excellent condition, Nothing broken or not working, but light cosmetic wear and tear marks as you would expect. Lamp hours vary in each fixture.
DMX controller Frog Diablo included.

Click here for more info and contact details......
This item is now sold
Coemar 250 Spot EVO
Price:£400.00 ono
Units:10 — Price is for all units.
We have 10 lengths of 2m Trilite.

Any questions please ask!

Sold as seen, E&OE.
2m Trilite
Price:£8000.00 ono
VAT:To be added
The dancefloor consists of 64 x LED tiles and all the necessary drivers & cabling complete with specially made flight cases and dancefloor edging.

Abstract has developed an LED, colour changing, portable dance-floor that is water resistant and load bearing. This exciting tile can be programmed to play limitless combinations and this product is portable so that it can be clipped to other tiles and taken on the move. A great buy for DJ’s and disco organisers or in a rented accommodation.

The floor has the ability to withstand impact from bottles / glasses and their content. R/G/B LEDs are used to colour mix the floor tiles, control of the R/G/B tiles is achieved using the standard DMX protocol.

All the tiles are fully working and the floor surface is in relatively good condition.
LED Dance floor
Reduced to:£90.00
VAT:To be added
4x 3m lighting trusses
8x 1m lifting strops

Associated shackles and lifting eyes to facilitate 4 full lighting trusses.

Reduced to £90 for the lot
Lighting truss Strops
VAT:To be added
23 full panels, 4 half panels, 16 full edges, 4 half edges, 4 corners edges.

Includes trolley

Parquet flooring ready to use in good condition.
Parquet dance floor
Price:£2250.00 ono
Units:2 — Price is per unit
VAT:To be added
18 foot x 21 foot oak parquet dance floor with new gold edging Oak parquet dance floor
Price:£3935.00 ono
VAT:To be added
We are selling the following sound equipment:
  • 7x Sennheiser K6 with ME64 with box £225 each plus vat
  • 8x SM58 with pouch and clip £65 each plus vat
  • 1x SM58 Switched with pouch and clip £70 plus vat
  • 4x SM57 with pouch and clip £70 each plus vat
  • 4x Sennheiser e604 with pouch £65 each plus vat
  • 1x AKG D112 with clip and pouch £90 plus vat
  • 4x K and M Short Boom Stand £30 each plus vat
  • 8x K and M Tall Boom Stand £30 each plus vat
  • 1x Shure Beta 52 with pouch £70 plus vat
Click here for more info and contact details......

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Assorted Microphones, Stands and Cable - Cheshire
Price:£250.00 ono
VAT:To be added
Tascam CD01u CD Player for sale.

Including flightcase, mains cable and XLR cable.

Remote included.

Click here for more items from this seller

Tascam CD Player - Cheshire
Price:£5500.00 ono
VAT:To be added
We are no longer hiring out equipment as we are too busy with production work. We are therefore selling a lot of our sound equipment including this Yamaha LS9 32 channel mixing desk.

This is a renowned desk in the industry and is bullet proof and very simple to use. It has a small footprint yet will cope with the biggest of shows and events.

Equipment included:
  • Yamaha LS9 32
  • Flightcase
  • Cover
  • 13a - IEC cable
  • Desk lamp
Click here for more items from this seller
Yamaha LS9 32 in Flightcase - Cheshire
Price:£11000.00 ono
VAT:To be added
This Nexo PA system works well as a small speech reinforcement system, up to a large music system for marquees and events.

Everything is included to get you up and running including processors with the amps, cable, stands and bags and cases for everything.

You can either use the equipment to make up one large system, or there is enough equipment to make three smaller systems. I would prefer to sell this system as a whole but would consider splitting sensible items.

Equipment included:
  • 6x Nexo PS10 including 4 padded bags
  • 2x Nexo LS600 including padded bags
  • 3x QSC1250 Amplifier including flightcase
  • 3x TD10 Speaker controller
  • 4x K and M Speaker stand including bags
Click here for more info and contact details......

Click here for more items from this seller
Nexo PA System PS10s with Amps, Speakers, Subs and Stands - Cheshire
VAT:To be added
Quantity of litedeck for sale. None very old, could do with a new coat of paint but all bolts work. Ideally all as one lot but would split if necessary.
  • 2x 8x4 @ £335 each
  • 6x 4x4 @ £235 each
  • 2x 4x2 @ £190 each
  • 2x 8' Handrail @ £100 each
  • 6x 4' Handrail @ £90 each
  • 2x 2' Handrail @ £80 each
  • 1x 8x4 Steeldeck that needs new board @ £250
Legs available separately.

Click here for more items from this seller
Litedeck and Steeldeck - Cheshire
VAT:To be added
1x Numark cm200 mixer and Numark cdn22 cd player ( includes black plastic housing for player and mixer ) Numark cm200 mixer and Numark cdn22 cd player
Reduced to:£27.00 ono
In good condition - some signs of wear and tear

Fork Length 106cm
Pallet lifter
Price:£110.00 ono
VAT:To be added
I have for sale some old dance floor panels in need of some tlc!

I bought a second hand dance floor last year and when I had it refurbished it became clear some panels were not the same type of wood in each panel, as you will see from the photos. These are floor lock/publock comparable and are made by Grumpy Joes.

I am open to offers on these.
Dance floor panels
Reduced to:£18.00
VAT:To be added
I have for sale a 5ft x 15" folding ramp made by Saunders.

This is an extremely heavy duty ramp that folds in half for easy storage.
Portable 5ft folding ramp
Truck for sale
Pub Equipment
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