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We constantly get asked for Stage systems with a roof of some kind for all types of small events, such as school fetes, presentations or sports days.
We have created some custom packages with our most popular modular stage systems coupled with our professional heavy duty Gazebo ranges. These are ideal at keeping the rain off whilst keeping the costs low.
The system is available in four size variations from 3m x 3m to 5m x 5m, each selected to give the maximum clear span for the front of the stage.

£2000 +VAT ono

3m x 3m Gazebo stage with sides
| Ref #: da78754b14fa
The PD8'x4' Stage Deck is a traditional imperial sized stage platform for professional use.
With a full aluminium frame supporting a birch ply stage platform it offers the best in strength/weight ratio. The whole deck weighs in at 45kg which is exceptional for a deck of this size when compared to the steel equivalents.
For a limited time we are offering discounted Trade price on this DIRECT.
From £200 to £300+VAT each Depending on quantity.
Legs, clamps, rails and steps are all available for the brand. Please contact the sales team for more information.

£250 £200 +VAT

Power Dynamics 8' x 4' Pro Stage Deck (TD8x4BL)
| Ref #: e44b4bdd4eab
Sections of Syco folding stage sections and steps for sale.
Some of the sections have adjustable legs to allow them to match up to other heights.

£100 +VAT

Syco Folding Stage
| Ref #: 7e7b74761e6e
Made in the UK, Wind Tested, Designed for outdoor use, Outdoor stage Panels can be supplied please read the rest of the listing.
Stage Concepts have developed a new custom roof system that is suitable for professional outdoor events.
We have identified that most smaller events don't have the budgets for huge stage and roof systems, these systems offer exceptional value and have been created to be versatile enough for multiple uses.
The standard size frames available are 9m x 6m.

£6500 +VAT

9M Width x 6M Depth Music Stage Roof System
| Ref #: 0a70a7f99f23
HFA Removals
We have a large selection of professional aluminium framed stage decks.
Each deck is topped with 12mm of plywood. Making a solid load bearing platform for any professional use.
Items are new and boxed.

£130 +VAT

Aluminium stage for sale
| Ref #: f09ff0fa7fed
• 16 of SC 90 Decks including top roto locks
• 8 of 8 foot Cross Braces
• 13 of 4 foot Cross Braces
• 18 of 4 way Leg Clamps
• 18 of 2 way Leg Clamps
• 2 of height adjustable Stair Sets including adjustable Banisters
• 53 of 1 foot Legs with adjustable foot
• 96 of Legs adjustable between 2 and 3 feet together with adjustable feet

£1 +VAT

Stage decking
| Ref #: 7f7398e70f69
Enough stage to make a 10m x 8m stage (32ft x 26Ft) or any shape of less than 80Sq M.
This is heavy duty professional squally stage. Good enough for any band, concert, conference or event. We have had Land Rover cars on the stage, Emelia Sande, Eliza Doolittle, umpteen tribute bands and a 100 person choir on the stage.
40x interlocking Baltic 2m x1m second hand staging decks [no legs] + 18 hand rails + steps - May sell separately
Click for more information and contact details

£200 +VAT ono

2mx1m Baltic Staging decks
| Ref #: aeea51f48609
Professional aluminium framed stage decks, new and boxed, we have replaced this current model with a cheaper product for our general customers and so have over 70 pieces of the 2m x 1m decks and over 30 pieces of the 1m x 1m decks in stock. Therefore these are available for a special clearance price.
This stage is modular and we also supply fixtures and fittings for joining them together as well as accessories such as legs, clamps, hand rails and steps. Although these are not clearance items.

£150 +VAT ono

Alustage Portable Aluminium Stage Deck
| Ref #: 71702856535a
Inflatable tent/roof with unique and clever design for outdoor use in size 10 x 5 x 4m and white colour.
This structure is very dynamic shelter with large covered area. This is the ideal for corporate events, parties, exhibitions, promotions or weddings and it can also be used as a stage cover for outdoor events. In size 10x5m providing space for 80 people. It can also hold approximately 5 tables with a maximum of 60 seated guests if set up in a restaurant configuration.
Comes with white back wall and two blowers.

£4900 £3900 ono VAT Free

Unique Inflatable Tent / Roof in White Colour
| Ref #: 1b1162aae7c5
6 months old.
4ft x 4ft with folding top (so folds to 2ft x 4 ft).
18 inch high, aluminium frame, so very lightweight.
Only used 3 or 4 times as a conductors podium - the conductor is only 5'4" and this is too high for him, so we've purchased a 1ft high unit instead.
Purchased from Grumpy Joe's back in May, cost £198 new (including VAT).

£160 VAT Free

Grumpy Joe's 4ft x 4ft Conductors Stand / Podium
| Ref #: 268908a0a583
These are heavy duty, custom built twin 3 and 4 stage rams which were used for lifting stage props up to 40 ft in the air.
They are fully programmable, can be operated locally or remotely and will run on a variety of voltages - single or 3 phase. (I run them up 'empty' on a 13 amp domestic supply!).
For transport, they are tipped over and travel on casters and have fork lift slots and lifting eyes.
There are 2 'short' 4 stage lifts and 3 'tall' 3 stage lifts.
There are 2 brand new (still in their shipping cases) spare rams, 1 short and one tall which can be bought separately or will be included if you buy all of one sort.
I'll accept £3.500 for the lot.
I’m selling off my hire stock which includes risers, complete stages, set carts, stage decks, custom lighting, lighting tripod stands, stage sets, power distro, hydraulic pumps etc. Watch this space or follow this link

£800 VAT Free

Rams extended
| Ref #: ae13ec7e879a
We have a large selection of ultra light professional aluminium framed stage decks.
Items are new and boxed, we are the UK distributor for this product and can offer these exclusive trade deals.
This is a modular system and multiple units can easily be joined to make a large area.
We can also supply complete systems with steps or safety rails.

£180 +VAT

Ultra Light Portable Stage Riser Platforms
| Ref #: 49d8a3554153
12m x 12m Back PVC covers to convert your frame into a stage cover.

4 roofs, 2 gables, 16 walls

£2312 +VAT

Black stage roof
| Ref #: 4a3442ac8f90
- ROOF STAGE - Round system of 31m wide, 21m deep, and 16m high in the middle point. The roof is able to hold more than 40t of equipment distributed in 20 points.
- Stage Platform 30m wide , 18 m deep, 2 - 2,4m high - Layher All round system with Doka beams and Plywood 20 mm , with access stairs and equipment ramp.
- PA wings 12m high - Layher for 1 or 2 speaker rows – additional Layher scaffolding for Video screens.
- FOH with 2 platforms for TV cameras and Spotlights – Layher 12 m high
On this stage many international main acts performed: SCORPIONS, DEEP PURPLE, METALLICA, PETER GABRIEL, JOE COKER, AEROSMITH, BLACK SABBATH , ROXETTE, etc.

£75000 £59000 +VAT ono

30m or 100ft Festival main stage for sale
| Ref #: 19a94890d5f1

Sold Ex School Stage - Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Price: £400 ono VAT Free
Modular Staging
Due to a new school stage we have our old one for sale.
It has been well used but has plenty of life left in it.
There are 18 individual 1 meter square sections plus some steps and the frames are metal.
The price stated is for the whole stage.

£400 ono VAT Free

Modular Staging
| Ref #: e65b1dbcf654
Stage Concepts are pleased to present the latest in our exceptional value portable stage systems. E350 is the economy stage frame that delivers on price and performance. With our buying power, we are able to offer this stage decking 'Brand New' for less than most used products from competitors.
The E350 series is a fully TúV certified aluminium staging system which is manufactured in Europe. It is available in multiple sizes and with custom finishes. Please contact us for more info.

£195 +VAT ono

E350 series portable stage system
| Ref #: 4670b6f1fb3c

Blast Doors Theatre Stage Set - Battersea, London

Price: £100 ono including VAT
Blast Doors Theatre Stage Set
Working 'blast doors' from theatre production. Made of class 3 flameproof plywood. The doors measure 2.3m x 1.5m each and the right hand door slides to the left to open. There is a grey flat top piece that measure 2.9m.

£100 ono including VAT

Blast Doors Theatre Stage Set
| Ref #: 4debee09503f

The Cube Game Show

Price: £14000 including VAT
The Cube Game Show
The cube game show up for sale earn up to 2500 per night all included in this sell is full cube sound & light and staging see pics for more detail or tel 0872371478

£14000 including VAT

The Cube Game Show
| Ref #: a00857d0d67a

Grumpy Joe Folding Stage

Price: £600 VAT Free
Grumpy Joe Folding Stage
Grumpy Joe folding stage with steps hand rail , black skirt,ply board
Brand new never used
8x4x2. 4section
Click here for more info and contact details......

£600 VAT Free

Grumpy Joe Folding Stage
| Ref #: f9e27d6a6ad7

2.5m x 1m Steel Decks - Kent

Price: £20 including VAT
2.5m x 1m Steel Decks - Kent
Choice of 7 Metric steeldecks with good black painted ply tops
Click here for more info and contact details......

£20 including VAT

2.5m x 1m Steel Decks - Kent
| Ref #: 66c9e6ced7f6

Steel Deck - Kent

Price: £20 ono including VAT
Steel Deck - Kent
In need of some Hammerite but usable steeldeck frames
Ply tops available but not attached for some reason. Choice of nine
Click here for more info and contact details......

£20 ono including VAT

Steel Deck - Kent
| Ref #: 3a9864bb2b7b
Complete Stage Decking System Including:
47 x (8 x 4ft) (2.44 x 1.22m) Stage Deck
60 x 1.22m Stage Brace, 59 x 2.44m Stage Brace
77 x Stage Stand / Leg with adjustable tube
77 x Adjustable Base
4 x Stage Stairs and 2 x Stage Ramp
6 x Guardrail 1.22m, 19 x Guardrail 2.44m, 38 x Guardrail Tube
Was used for 4 stages at any one time including 40 x 20ft, 32 x 16ft, 12 x 8ft, 8 x4ft. Was also used as a base for an inflatable stage.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£17500 +VAT ono

Stage Decking System Staging LiteDeck SteelDeck Aluminium Lite Deck Event Festival
| Ref #: f2336d1e2d76
10 x (8'x4') Ally Decks (Note - Not Litestrutures)
2 x (4'x4') Ally Decks (Note - Not Litestructures)
Click here for more info and contact details......

£150 +VAT ono

Aluminium Stage Decks
| Ref #: 8e929a2ffd77

4x 8'x4' Stage Blocks - East Sussex

Price: £250 including VAT
4x 8'x4' Stage Blocks
I have 4 8'x4' Portable Floor Makers folding stage frames with ply tops to match. All in very good condition and ready to go to work.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£250 including VAT

4x 8'x4' Stage Blocks
| Ref #: 3526a0afadb0
These are carpeted 8 x 4 interlocking decks. (Sale is for decks only - frames are not included)
Decks weigh about 50kg each and come with 3 male and 3 female Simmonds Roto Locks (coffin locks).
Ideal for marquee flooring, dance floors, catwalks or general stage use.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£180 £150 VAT Free

Lightweight Stage decks
| Ref #: 72876a90cc61
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