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We’re moving out of a 2500 sqft warehouse at Moreton in Marsh GL56 and we’re looking to sell lots of heavy duty pallet racking we bought a few years back.
Its in excellent condition.

It is now all disassembled and ready for collection.


Dexion pallet racking for sale
| Ref #: 64edcc045cb8
Heavy duty wall brackets to store marquee framework.
As picture. Fasten to the wall to create storage for marquee frame.
Suitable for any size marquee frame.
Large Brackets x 2 @ 7' 6" High by 2'5" Deep
Small Brackets x 2 @ 5' High by 2' Deep

£120 +VAT ono

Marquee storage racks
| Ref #: 498994e084bb
This is the ideal way of stopping thieving little fingers from stealing your stock
It can be easily unbolted and relocated (by you!)
This wire partition could be used to valuable stock such as drink, cigarettes and electrical goods. Or to protect dangerous or flammable substances. Or to stop your tools from going walkabout!
Size is 3,888mm wide by 2,380 high
Opening is 1m 340mm
Reasonable offers upwards of £500 please

£500 +VAT ono

Secure Wire Partition
| Ref #: e127b0e6fc6e

28U Rackcase - Pershore, Worcestershire

Price: £115 including VAT
28U Rackcase
28U Rackcase
Touring Standard
Front and back rackstrip - Currently 19U + 4U fitted Front & back lids
Lift off top lid for mixer to sit in 4 x Caster Diamond Board finish
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£115 including VAT

28U Rackcase
| Ref #: c09e07cf5fbc
HFA Removals
2 Set carts originally used for transport and storage of 8ft x 4ft stage decks. Runs on 8 heavy duty castors, has a removable ply top, detachable side gates and fork lift slots at one end. Measures 8’6” long x 3’ 9” wide and 5 ft high.
Designed to travel 2 side by side in a standard truck or trailer.

£100 £75 VAT Free

Heavy Duty Set Cart for Storage/Transport
| Ref #: e4f87602458d

Sold Warehouse Racking - Worcestershire

Price: £300 +VAT
Warehouse Racking
MAX1 Warehouse Racking made by Big Dug Info and new prices

Shelf size of 600mm x 1200mm, melamine style shelves 2 bays at 2500mm height with 6 shelves and 2 bays at 2100mm height (cut down from 2500mm) with 5 shelves. All modular so shelves can be adjusted.

Racking is all still assembled so can show you it all complete, but can be broken down for transport.

£300 +VAT

Warehouse Racking
| Ref #: 1833c18f7644

Sold Mezzanine 21m x 13.5m - Mitcham, Surrey

Price: £12000 VAT Free
Mezzanine 21m x 13.5m
Ideal way of increasing your storage without increasing your rent!

With shelving underneath and a deck above that can carry 300kg per SqM it's the ideal way to organise your stock.

I'ts only two years old and hardly used.

£12000 VAT Free

Mezzanine 21m x 13.5m
| Ref #: bd8ecdeae607
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