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Denon Combi for Sale

Been serviced recently and hard wired, ready to go

Denon DN - x1500 Mixer and Denon DN D4000 CD Players

Reduced to £350

£600 £350 VAT Free

Denon DN - x1500 Mixer
| Ref #: befaf42cc7a1
The SLDZ1200 features a rotating direct drive platter, MP3 playback, SD card playback, SD card memory for loop and cue points, sampler and digital output. The SLDZ1200 features the cool (if not cooler) looks of the lassic turntable as well as a familiar layout like the start / stop switch, pitch fader and of course the platter design. Pitch range is selectable between 8 / 16 / 33 and 50% there is now the ever popular pitch lock (also known as master tempo or key lock) as well as a pitch reset to switch off the fader all together


£450 +VAT

Technics SLDZ1200
| Ref #: 82ebb535bda7
1x Numark cm200 mixer and Numark cdn22 cd player ( includes black plastic housing for player and mixer )

£250 +VAT

Numark cm200 mixer and Numark cdn22 cd player
| Ref #: 0d58c83918d1
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items