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IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) Black Kilo Wool Serge Curtain,

Total of 12.5m wide x 2.35m drop, unlined, manufactured to 50% fullness with hemmed sides, hemmed base and with Rufflette tape and hooks (SG1280 track) to the top. The 3x curtains measure 5m; 4m and 3.5m in width

Silent Gliss 1280 Hand Operated Curtain Track, 12.5m long, finished in white, comprising straight sections, connecting bridges, 2x corners, end stops, ceiling fix brackets and gliders.

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£750 +VAT

Acoustic Curtain
| Ref #: 98e1bee67d88

Pro 1066 - Birmingham

Price: £60 +VAT
Pro 1066
2 channel Gated Compressor/Limiter

£60 +VAT

Pro 1066
| Ref #: 8d131028682c
If you have a marquee with a noise problem, this is the best solution.

This heavy weight lead lining forms a sound box around the dance floor / band to reduce the spread of noise. This fits inside a 15m wide marquee on a 3m leg.

The price is just above scrap and so is a give-away.

£6000 +VAT ono

Lead lined sound box
| Ref #: 3d79d1d6a0d4

£50 +VAT

1x Autocom Pro MDK1400 Sound Limiter - Durham
| Ref #: 5e6be398ce44
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items