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2 x Manfrotto Wind up Winch Stands with wheels in immaculate condition.
These were bought from new 3 years ago for half a dozen jobs where we needed to move 2 bars of lights from one location to another very quickly.
They have not been used since.
These go up to 3.66m high.
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£390 +VAT

2 x Manfrotto Wind up Winch Stands (immaculate)
| Quantity: 2

Full Lighting Rig - With Desk - North Yorkshire

Price: £1500 £1000 ono VAT Free
Band lighting rig for sale
This is a complete rig required to light any small to medium sized stage and requires no further accessories to run.
16x Par cans,
7x 5amp dimmers - with foot switches and Anologue to digital converts
12 Channel desk
Lighting stands - Manfrotto, Flight cases, Distro and much more.
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£1500 £1000 ono VAT Free

Band lighting rig for sale
Can you mark these as sold please, they went within a day of advertising, very pleased. Kind Regards Keith

£295 +VAT

Manfrotto Wind Up Lighting Stands
These are the ultimate adjustable lighting pole system, and can be used to create a background support, suspend lighting, structure a lighting grid, or for hundreds of other studio and location applications.

It's single action prop locking system exerts the right amount of pressure to assure a secure fit, wedging the protective rubber ends in place, ceiling to floor.

Each pole extends from 210cm up to 370cm. The pole diameters are 45mm and 40mm.

£40.00 + VAT each

£40 +VAT

50 x Manfrotto/Arri Autopole
| Quantity: 50
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