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Sold 60x Gold Banquet Chairs - Essex

Price: £6 £5 +VAT
Gold Banquet Chairs
60 x gold banquet chairs that need a complete refurb

£6 £5 +VAT

Gold Banquet Chairs
| Quantity: 60

Sold 30x Plastic Trestle Tables - Essex

Price: £20 +VAT
Trestle Tables
30x plastic trestle tables
Will throw in 6 that need repairing if all bought together.

£20 +VAT

Trestle Tables
| Quantity: 30

Sold 55x Silver Banquet Chairs - Essex

Price: £12 £10 +VAT
Silver Banquet Chairs
55x silver banquet chairs
(sprayed earlier this year)
Includes a pad with black shower caps

£12 £10 +VAT

Silver Banquet Chairs
| Quantity: 55

9m Roder Poles, PVC and Lining Package - Essex

Price: £12000 £10000 +VAT
9m Roder Poles, PVC and Lining Package
Used Roder Pole Work (9m Wide, 3m Bays, 2.3m Legs):-
48x Rafters, 24x apexet, 48x legs, 140x purlins etc, etc
Roder PVC for the above :- 9x gables, 17x roofs, 58x walls
Custom covers lining :- 30x walls, 9x roofs, 2x hip ends, 1x gables
Click for full list.

£12000 £10000 +VAT

9m Roder Poles, PVC and Lining Package

Sold Hard Wood Floor - Essex

Price: £1500 +VAT
Hard Wood Floor
30x70ft hard wood floor, 8x4ft high grade treated panels, mixture of 2x4 batons as well as smaller batons.

£1500 +VAT

Hard Wood Floor

Sold Grumpy Joes Parquet Dancefloor - Essex

Price: £1000 +VAT
Grumpy Joes Parquet Dancefloor
Grumpy Joes Parquet dancefloor, well used, may need some work 2 x 12x12ft dancefloors
(includes spare edging, and spare panels in need of repair)

£1000 +VAT

Grumpy Joes Parquet Dancefloor

Sold 2x Walkways - Essex

Price: £250 £150 +VAT
2x Walkways - Essex
2 walkways (7ft wide and 10ft or 15ft length)
Includes poles and PVC (used)

£250 £150 +VAT

2x Walkways - Essex
| Quantity: 2

Sold Large Arcotherm Diesel Heater - Essex

Price: £750 £500 +VAT
Arcotherm Indirect Diesel Heater
Large Arcotherm diesel heater
(used but not for a year, will need servicing)
Comes with ducting

£750 £500 +VAT

Arcotherm Indirect Diesel Heater
Mixture of black and white seat covers (over 150) & nearly 1000 bows,
Loads of colours

£300 +VAT

black seat / chair covers
| Quantity: 1150
11x wooden four-foot round tables
(plus four in need of minor repair)

£20 +VAT

Wooden Four-Foot Round Tables
| Quantity: 11
20x plastic three-foot rounds
(Used and will need cleaning up)

£5 +VAT

Plastic Three-Foot Rounds
| Quantity: 20
240 white plastic bistro chairs
(used but plenty of life left in them)

£4 +VAT

White Plastic Bistro Chairs
| Quantity: 240

Sold 5x 8 Arm Black Chandeliers - Essex

Price: £75 £50 +VAT
Black 8 arm Chandeliers
5x 8 arm black chandeliers
(used in good condition)

£75 £50 +VAT

Black 8 arm Chandeliers
| Quantity: 5
Ford transit long wheel base Luton with tail lift,
07 plate, 165000 miles,
Fully serviced and MOT,

£5000 +VAT

Ford Transit Long Wheel Base Luton With Tail Lift

Sold Black 63 Plate Ford Ranger Pickup - Essex

Price: £13500 +VAT
Black 63 Plate Ford Ranger Pickup - Essex
Black 63 Plate Ford Ranger Pickup
45000 miles fully serviced and MOT

£13500 +VAT

Black 63 Plate Ford Ranger Pickup - Essex

Sold Various Racking - Essex

Price: £350 +VAT
Various Racking - Essex
Various racking
(used inside only)

£350 +VAT

Various Racking - Essex
The CGM Hire and Sales Good Will
This will include name, website, Facebook, twitter, email address and phone numbers are for sale
Established for over 17 years
Well known for weddings, parties, christenings and events.

£10000 +VAT


Sold 4x Small Clarke Blow Heaters - Essex

Price: £50 +VAT
Small Clarke Blow Heater
4x Small Clarke blow heaters
(used once)

£50 +VAT

Small Clarke Blow Heater
| Quantity: 4
3x 9m x 3m Blackout Starlight panels
9m Set of Gables
15x 3m x 2.3m Black blackout lining walls

Great for making a black starlight end to a wedding marquee or as a stand alone 9m x 9m.

£3200 +VAT

Starlight lining for sale
| Quantity: 15
2x Ivory pleated hip ends
9x 9m x 3m Middle sections
1x Set of gables

Could make a 9m x 33m or several smaller linings.

£1200 +VAT ono

9m hip end linings
| Quantity: 2
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